The Malema tweet

The Malema tweet

“Malema: You don’t touch a jewish in this university, but today we will touch a jew.” Economic Freedom Fighters 2014 /07/24 7:05 pm.

I was shocked. We have heard stories of corruption, of intimidation, of poor dress sense, but I for one never suspected that he would stoop so low as to openly declare that he wants to fiddle with our kids at university. And, what’s more, it appears that he will be doing so with no punctuation whatsoever. 

Where will it stop? The flagrant use of lower case when capitals are required made my stomach turn and I wondered if we have equipped our offspring to deal with this type of onslaught.

We have become used to the garish red overalls when everyone knows that colour-blocking is the way to go. We have become used to being accused of all sorts of heinous crimes against humanity, ask the UN, but it is always, always carried out with impressive attention to detail. We have learned to tolerate so much, but I believe that this time he has gone too far.

Of course, I am not quite clear, given syntax, if he intends “touching” both the girls and the boys of Jewish descent and if it is a gentle pat or something more sinister, but I do think that we need to be prepared. And I fear that a thesaurus will not be enough to protect our youth from the horrible prospect of being molested by poor spelling and grammar.

Malema has continued this week to give us something to ponder. His storming of the Bastille has called into question many perplexing questions as to the requirement to adhere to the rules of Parliament and to its dress code. I know I keep going back to the red overalls, but surely the best way to handle him is to agree to his demand to wear them, but also to insist that he does so and sticks to the uniform for a minimum period of four to five years.

I have no doubt that given his penchant for Armani and the likes, that this will be a lot more difficult for him than for anyone else. And as for his rude interruptions that seem to have the ruling party in a tizzy, have they forgotten their behaviour at many a DA rally or march?

But this is less our concern than his open commitment to fondle our youth – given the fact that he is not even an ordained religious minister (of any religion), what exactly gives him the right to do so?

And why exactly are our youth so attractive to him. Has he not heard the terrible stories of Jewish wives and what they have done to more mighty than him? But perhaps, like the red overalls, we should allow him choice and make him regret what he wished for.

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