History has taught us that the greater the chasm between government and the people they represent, the greater the risk of calamity. Sadly, the South African Government is so disconnected from those to whom they report, that real disaster is not unimaginable. So brittle and dry is the country that any spark, careless or deliberate, could ignite an inferno.

The last few weeks have been not far short of disastrous for the South Africa. Xenophobia has taken an unimaginable toll on the lives of so many, on the economy, on the morale of its people and the country’s international image. Eskom continues to force the us to our knees, crime persists in murderous numbers, the SA Post Office is all but defunct, education is in crises, public health a calamity and it is clear that no one is going to be “paying back the money” anytime soon.

And then, if that isn’t bad enough, Blade Nzimande enters the fray. He doesn’t do so to deal with the xenophobia and racism on his campuses. He doesn’t do so in order to deal with the woeful lack of the options for our desperate youth. Not to give guidance and to calm the waters but does so to divert our attention to a “cause” that South Africans simply don’t have the capacity or even the interest to deal with. He was denied a visa to Israel, a country he detests, and is enraged enough to take us all down with him in his blind anger.

Blade Nzimande is a failure. His department is a shambles. The state of higher education embarrasing at best. His rhetoric is both anachronistic and boring, and yet he is hell-bent on making his Israel-obsession everyone else’s. He little cares to read the comments on any article associated with his rejection. If he did, he would see the lack of sympathy for him and his hurt. His people are telling him to “get over it” but he is unable to listen

The message he fails to hear is not because South Africans are deeply supportive of Israel. Not at all. They are split and they are opinionated and they have views. But they simply don’t have the capacity to care right now. They are first and foremost South Africans, and they cannot be convinced that whilst their yard is on fire, that it makes sense to fuel the flames of another conflict. Unless of course it is to divert attention away from the mess that exists back home.

South Africans have no sympathy for a denied visa when they recall the repeated refusal for a visit by the the Dalai Lama. They have little sympathy when they know how little the Minister has cared about the plight of the Syrians or the Iranians, the Zimbabweans or the Kenyans. They have little sympathy because South Africa is on fire and is happy to accelerate the flames with his damaged ego.

That he has the support of the BDS should provide him with little comfort. That South Africans forgive easily, should. But although it would be smart to stop his foolishness before he takes us all down with him, it is unlikely he will. Instead he will continue to ruin the country with with obsessive and self destructive tendency and do the greatest damage the people he was elected to serve.

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