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  1. Canheeber
    Canheeber 1 September, 2014, 12:54

    I recently read a news item about Tony Ehrenreich of Zanu { get those SA Jews like their fellow Jews of Israel kill and injure Gaza Muslims} and if the ‘regular’ South African’s in power positions think the way he does…and it seems that he is still walking around free without consequence… then your plea is hopeless, re wishing for Muslims to speak out against extreme Muslim violence. I wrote an email to him and it was brief to the point.. Jews are no longer (non believers) and won’t take crap anymore. Funny in an ironic way. Lapid just made a speech and in a more elegant way said the same.

    It’s time you stop dreaming. In Toronto when I go visit my daughter, there is a rather large xPat SA community and they are glad they have left. Your should read or re read Huntington’s book paying careful attention to the chapters on the Muslim world as all this Muslim mess was more or less predicted by by him the 90′s.

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  2. Miriam - olah of 28 years
    Miriam - olah of 28 years 22 September, 2014, 20:06

    After reading your blog on your robbery last year, I thought the ending would be…. and I made ALIYAH.
    After all, it was featured in ‘The Times of Israel’.
    IYou do perceive the world diffierently when you have a gun facing you point blank, but to stay in South Africa after that incident? As they say in Israel’ chaval’. It is actually more than just a pity, it is disappointment not only to just one reader, but to the entire nation in Israel. We need people like you and your family HERE.

    If a terrorist attacked you here, G-d forbid and you died, you will have been killed ‘Al Kiddush Hashem’.. In SA, just another statistic and the mourning of a relatively small community.
    But lets talk about life- the life of a Jew and where one needs to live and be productive.

    The future of Judaism (as well as the past and present) has and always will be in Israel.

    Come join us.
    We need your talents and your commentaries!

    Shana Tova- K’tiva V’chatima Tova,
    L.S. – Israel

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    • Efraim
      Efraim 13 November, 2014, 12:37

      Hi Miriam I completely agree – Enough writing, its time for action. I love Howards writing by the way.
      Howard We need SA Jewry to make aliyah – NO ifs, No buts, the time has come.


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  3. Three Rastas walk into a Bar
    Three Rastas walk into a Bar 29 May, 2015, 11:38

    Racial profiling by the CSO is a reality and they are generally rude. Just ask any of the black Jews or converts who have been questioned and turned away from events or Jewish installations. If you do not want to feel guilty about it, then do something about it.

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