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It takes a Village to raise a child – the Dangers of Poor Accessory choices

The funny thing is that I never took my late grandmother seriously when she told us that the right accessory could make or break an outfit. If she were alive today to see the furor over a poorly chosen scarf,

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The Malema tweet

“Malema: You don’t touch a jewish in this university, but today we will touch a jew.” Economic Freedom Fighters 2014 /07/24 7:05 pm. I was shocked. We have heard stories of corruption, of intimidation, of poor dress sense, but I

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Keeping up with the Joneses, not the Himmlers

I am finding it very frustrating trying to keep up with trends at the moment. And I am normally pretty good at it. I know which are the latest books to read, TV series to watch and which diets to

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