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First World Problems

In a world gone mad, where Ministers embrace terrorists, where power outages are daily and the economy is stumbling and faltering, where moral degradation threatens to sweep us away in its powerful current, where our hands burn from desperately clutching

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A Letter to my son

Dear Judah, Next week you become a Jewish man. Your family and your community will form a circle of love around you, and they will pulsate to the rhythm of your parents and your grandparents, and all of those who

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Family Functions and Death

We had a family function last week. And although we all loved every moment of the celebration, there is nothing comparable to the euphoria that we are experiencing, now that it is all behind us. To put it in perspective,

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Bring Back Our Girls – when good whatssapps go bad

The delicate flowers of the 2014 Kfar Group left for Israel earlier this week. The program is a 10-week one where 16-year-old girls and boys have the opportunity to study at an Israeli school, tour the country and gain leadership

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A Post 10am World

A year ago today, 3 days before Rosh Hashanah, I was followed from my office in Johannesburg and was attacked at gunpoint. Although not physically harmed, the event would alter the course of my life. Perspective is strange thing and

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Australian Wisdom – an Oxymoron

On Monday night we attended a beautiful wedding in Hadera, North of Tel Aviv. We arrived from South Africa Sunday morning, spent a glorious day in Jerusalem and then drove up to Hadera Monday, stopping past Raanana en route. I

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The Whole Child Leaving Home Thing

South Africans are both blessed and cursed. We are fortunate in many ways that culturally it’s not a “right-of-passage” for us to have to go to university away from home. And many don’t. They choose to stay with their family,

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Bring Back Ugly Babies!

I was feeling slightly nostalgic earlier today. I was remembering a time, back in May 2014, when Facebook was filled with ugly children and overweight parents building sandcastles on polluted beaches. A time when we could brag about holidays that

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