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Not With a Bang But a Whimper

And suddenly we have a ceasefire. The sirens have fallen silent, the air is still and life resumes. Bewildered and perplexed, unnerved and untrusting, hopeful and skeptical we have to wonder what just happened. As people emerge slowly and tentatively

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The New Maranos

  We have become the New Maranos. Like our counterparts in Spain in the 1400s, Diaspora Jews are finding themselves in an invidious position. Constantly called upon to swear allegiance to our place of domicile, the country that houses our

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The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – for Dummies

Unlike John Lennon I’m no dreamer. I don’t imagine a world where we stand together as one, at least not yet. And given the latest media assault, counter assaults, petitions and counter petitions, statements and rebuttals, allegations and denials, I

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It takes a Village to raise a child – the Dangers of Poor Accessory choices

The funny thing is that I never took my late grandmother seriously when she told us that the right accessory could make or break an outfit. If she were alive today to see the furor over a poorly chosen scarf,

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Keeping up with the Joneses, not the Himmlers

I am finding it very frustrating trying to keep up with trends at the moment. And I am normally pretty good at it. I know which are the latest books to read, TV series to watch and which diets to

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Who exactly is listening?

My compulsive routine is as follows: Twitter, Times of Israel, Jpost, Facebook, Whattsapp, BBC News and then I repeat it all. I do this from the minute I open my eyes until I go to sleep, my eyes burning from

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And Then They Came For Litchis – Making sense of the boycott in South Africa

This time I fear that they have gone too far. Haribos? Litchis from Israel? Its like the infrastructure of everything that we believe in is crumbling around us.  And I can no longer remain silent. First they came for Israeli

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Having Carte Blanche.

The stomach-churning menu that is vomited in front of us will revolt any reasonable minded person but when subtle messages and deliberate omissions are used to create a narrative, anyone not on the look out might fall victim to this.

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A few months ago I decided that I needed to further my education. Whether it was my alarming descent into middle age that sparked this panic, or genuine love of academia, I am not certain, but either way I found

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