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The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – for Dummies

Unlike John Lennon I’m no dreamer. I don’t imagine a world where we stand together as one, at least not yet. And given the latest media assault, counter assaults, petitions and counter petitions, statements and rebuttals, allegations and denials, I

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It takes a Village to raise a child – the Dangers of Poor Accessory choices

The funny thing is that I never took my late grandmother seriously when she told us that the right accessory could make or break an outfit. If she were alive today to see the furor over a poorly chosen scarf,

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The Malema tweet

“Malema: You don’t touch a jewish in this university, but today we will touch a jew.” Economic Freedom Fighters 2014 /07/24 7:05 pm. I was shocked. We have heard stories of corruption, of intimidation, of poor dress sense, but I

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Keeping up with the Joneses, not the Himmlers

I am finding it very frustrating trying to keep up with trends at the moment. And I am normally pretty good at it. I know which are the latest books to read, TV series to watch and which diets to

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Meals with the Maccabeats

They arrived in drips and drabs. A few in the morning and the rest at 23:30 at night, having experienced the worst of South African roads. The journey from the Kruger National Park was a perilous one for them with

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Who exactly is listening?

My compulsive routine is as follows: Twitter, Times of Israel, Jpost, Facebook, Whattsapp, BBC News and then I repeat it all. I do this from the minute I open my eyes until I go to sleep, my eyes burning from

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And Then They Came For Litchis – Making sense of the boycott in South Africa

This time I fear that they have gone too far. Haribos? Litchis from Israel? Its like the infrastructure of everything that we believe in is crumbling around us.  And I can no longer remain silent. First they came for Israeli

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Having Carte Blanche.

The stomach-churning menu that is vomited in front of us will revolt any reasonable minded person but when subtle messages and deliberate omissions are used to create a narrative, anyone not on the look out might fall victim to this.

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A few months ago I decided that I needed to further my education. Whether it was my alarming descent into middle age that sparked this panic, or genuine love of academia, I am not certain, but either way I found

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