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It dawned on me yesterday morning around 3 hours into the most boring “Game” drive of all time. I was doing brain exercises in order to ensure that I didn’t lose consciousness from the devastating cold and from the mind Read More


One has to wonder when the penny will drop. When not only the disillusioned and the sad people of South Africa will realize the depths to which we have plummeted, but when government will send us a sign to say Read More

A Shallow Comment that Cut Deep

Well that didn’t take long. According to the daily South African newspaper, The Sowetan, newly elected leader of the official opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, Mmusi Maimane, “Stunned the South African Jewish community” by supporting the ANC’s view on Israel. Read More

Kippas Against Hate

The sun has set on Shabbat and Jews in Johannesburg are preparing for a night out. And I am worried. Really worried. Worried because following an anti-Semitic attack on some 12th grade kids last Saturday night, the South African Jewish

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If you don’t want to know, #DontAsk

I learned a lot from my late grandmother. She was the one who taught me the art of hypochondria – and yes it is a craft. She taught me how to play poker but gave up on me, saying that

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I am a graduate of Wits University. I was Editor of the Wits Law Journal and part of the first non-racial Law Student Council in 1992. For the first time Black and White students campaigned against each other, debated each

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Much Ado About Nothing – South Africa and WikiLeaks

It has taken a while, but finally, earlier this week, South Africans awoke to the announcement that we had our very own Wikileaks scandal, at last. To add to the wonder, it all happened at the very same time when

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One Wife Too Many

The problem with having a bunch of wives is that should one of them decide to poison you, well, she is more likely to get away with it for a lot longer than one would ideally like. And if you

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We Laugh Through the Tears – SONA2015

I wouldn’t have missed the State of the Nation Address last night for anything in the world. Although I can’t say with any certainty that I recall any SONA prior to 2015, all South Africans knew that last night’s event

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First World Problems

In a world gone mad, where Ministers embrace terrorists, where power outages are daily and the economy is stumbling and faltering, where moral degradation threatens to sweep us away in its powerful current, where our hands burn from desperately clutching

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